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Database Design Web Development


Over the years I have learnt many varying skills including database design and intranet development. On this page I hope to give you a brief overview of some of the projects I have worked on along with a few screen shots. Please note that the material you are about to review remains the copyright property of the companies for who these projects were original developed.


Dating Agency Database  

A Local businessman wanted to start a dating agency to cover Northamptonshire and surrounding counties. Following a brief I developed a database over several months. The system manages customs details, issuing of renewal / expire letters etc. The database is still running today and there have been many marriages over the years. [ Overview ]

  MIS Intranet Site

The MIS Intranet site was designed for my previous employer. Its purpose to link into our infor:swan manufacturing system to access stock availability and other information. There was also a option to obtain, by viewing or downloading, component data sheets for each stock item. [ Overview ]


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