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I'm 34 years old (please don't remind me). I live in a small town called Daventry (nothing like the town portrayed in Serria's King Quest Game.) It is situated in the middle of UK, to the bottom right of Birmingham. I've lived here for 22 years.

My mum (Susan) and dad (Alvis) live in Daventry; I rent a room from them for a reasonable price. It's a lot cheaper than renting a flat. My Dad has retired, though he works three days a week at a Hotel in Daventry (and still complains that the weekends are not longer enough.)


This is my youngest sister Amanda who is currently working in Birmingham and will soon be a permanent resident there.

This is my other sister Wendy and her husband Dean. She is a year young than me and lives not far from Daventry.


This is Wendy's daughter Charlotte who is 18.

This is Jared who is Wendy son and is now 3 years old. He's with his favourite friend grampy.

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