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Tuesday 29th June 2004

Added another section to the site which covers some of my skills. There are a few overviews for some of the projects I have developed. I also managed to add some more web sites to the 'Links' page.

Friday 18th June 2004

After yet another four years I have finally managed to update this site again. No more FrontPage themes as everything has been design from scratch. Much help from Macromedia's Dreamweaver software which has made the whole process of design enjoyable.

Monday 28th August 2000

Another update and this time it has not taken me nearly 4 years too do! I have revised the Video and LaserDiscs sections to bring them up to date as the are slow diminishing thanks to DVD. The DVD section has also been updated.

Sunday 6th August 2000

Hi my names Michael. Thanks for visiting my homepage. Well its only taken several months, or should I say years, for me to get round to making changes on this site. I have been busy with work in the evenings, though I'm trying to cut it down. Also, just got into Laserdiscs and DVD's so have been watching a lot of films later. Thanks to FrontPage 2000 for making the job a little easy but I still can't understand what all the folders it creates are for!


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