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Some of my favourite sites. There are many more but not enough space to display. (I just can't be bothered to put them all in here!)


The Digital Bits

A good source of information for future release region 1 DVD's

The R2 Project

This is the region 2 equivalent site to 'The Digital Bits'

DVD Reviewer

'Reviewer' covers both region 1 & 2 DVD information.


Entertainment Insiders

Interested in box office figures for currently released movies? Check out this site. Covers the USA market only. Some interesting details.

Another good site for upcoming movies and a good resource for movie trailers.

If your into DVD's this is one of the best places to go. Prices are low and shipment is fast. They sell region 2 discs and lots of console and computer games. I've made this my home page as I visit it often.

This is the US equivalent site which sells region 1 discs.

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