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Dating Agency Database Overview

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I was approached by a local businessman who wanted to start a dating agency to cover Northamptonshire and surrounding counties. He required a system to manage customs details, control of membership periods with issuing of renewal / expire letters, and to keep a record of prospective partners per member.


After some investigation it was coming apparent that there was no off the shelf solution. This necessitated the development of a unique database application tailored to the business. Having reviewed the available database products, which were around at the time, it was decide to use dBASE 3+. There Followed a consultation period to compile a list of requirements. Over the span of several month I developed an application in dBASE to achieve what was required. We had the first working version a month before for the launch. Since then the application has be converted to work with dBASE 4 and several years later dBASE 5. It is still in use today some 13 years later.




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